Antique Judaica Coins of Israel

Antique Judaica Coins of Israel - Antique Judaica

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Treat yourself to a lovely meaningful Judaica gift. Welcome to the Judaica store online since 2000. You'll find speciality products & supplies for your Jewish home, office and event. Judaica products are required in Jewish ritualism. But remember, Judaism calls for the service of the heart, and Judaica is a means to reach that crescendo. Some Judaica such as a Prayer book, Tallit, Tefillin, Mezuzah Scroll, and the like are crucial to fulfilling G-d's service. There is no question or real option not to purchase items like these. However, much of our other Judaica pieces are a beautiful expression and beautification of our service to G-d. Such as a Challah Board, Challah Cover, Kiddush Cup and Home Blessing. 

Judaica Gifts

Judaica, Jewish Gifts & Jewish Supplies. In our store you'll find attention to Israeli made Judaica from the Holyland Israel. Here you'll find Home Blessings, Mezuzahs, Kiddush Cups, Benchers, Jewish Coins, Jewish Keychains and all Jewish Gifts with our Store price guarantee! Browse our Judaica Mall to find unique Shabbat Candle holders, Charity Tzedakah Boxes, Israeli Maps, Kabbalistic Gifts, Kiddush Cups, Mezuzas, Natalot - Wash cups, Jewish Coins, Jewish Key chains, Shalom Peace Gifts, and Souvenirs from Israel the Holy land. All, to provide your home and living space with a unique and lovely Judaica feel and taste of Judaism.

History of Judaica

Judaica has certainly evolved over the years. With ever new techniques to create Judaic heirlooms the Judaica gift world is a lovely world of shopping for Jewish items for your home, office and Temple. Classic Judaica have always been the Mezuzah Case with scroll, the Tefillin, Kiddush Cup, Challah Board and much more. Yet today, Judaica is flourished into a full art form such as Paintings that include cut out artwork and a beautiful array of prints. Laser cut objects de Art and Wall hangings along with functional tableware.Judaica

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Ancient Coins of the Biblical Lands. This set represents a period of some 1,500 years from the 2nd century BCE until the 14th cent CE, illustrating the turbulent history of this hotly contested region.

Ptolemy, one of the five successors of Alexander the Great, ruled Egypt, founding the Ptolemaic dynasty, of which Cleopatra was the most famous. The Library in Alexandria was founded by Ptolemy II, Philadelphus, 308-246 BCE.

Seleucus, another of Alexander™s successors ruled Syria, founding the Seleucid dynasty. Many of the small bronzes are distinctive in having a serrated edge.

The Nabataeans were Arabs, originally nomads, who controlled the spice trade in the region. Their apogee was under Aretas IV ca. 9 BCE ™ 40 CE. In 106 CE, they were incorporated into the Roman Empire as Provincia Arabia.

The Maccabeans wrested control of the Land of Israel from Antiochus, the Hellenistic Seleucid ruler, who tried to impose pagan beliefs on the Jews. This victory is ce

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