Kiddush Goblet Saucer Set - Aluminum Colors


Kiddush Goblet Saucer Set - Aluminum Colors. This beautiful Anodized Kiddush goblet set includes a sleek Kiddush cup for Shabbat and matching saucer for the cup. The vibrant gleaming metal jewel-tones feature a brushed metal finish in a sleek modern shape for Kiddush adding color and elegance to your Shabbat and festive table. This unique trumpet-shaped Kiddush Cup and Plate will beautifully enhance your observance. This item is a perfect gift for Shabbat, Jewish Holidays, Passover, weddings, a new home, or any other Jewish simcha. Size: 5" X 5.5" Colors: Blue, Gold, Silver, M,aroon, Gold Maroon, Turquoise, Blue Turquoise.< span>

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