Special Sale Atarah


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A gorgeous custom embroidered atarah that fits any blue tallit now in stock on special.

We Customize your atarah exactly the way you want it to make it your very own.

  • Choose color of Silk background (White / Off White / Black popular)
  • Choose color of silk letter embroidery (White / Tan/ Gray / Silver / Light Blue / Gold / Navy / Red / Green / Royal Blue / Brown / Orange
  • Add an embroidered frame in your choice of color as a per above.
  • Add your choice of Jewish emblems on the edges or ends.
  • Send us your own artwork if you like to duplicate on a custom quote.
  • Choose the width and length of your atarah. Standard (2.5" wide x 32" length)

Don't worry. ** We'll send you a computer graphic sketch for approval before making it ***

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