Jewish Baby Girl Name Gift: Sarah Gold Medal


Jewish Baby Girl Name Gift. SARAH
HONORING "MOTHERS IN THE BIBLE". Design: Face: Zippi Goldschmid Reverse: Dina Avinoam

Medal Specifications:
Metal and Finish: 14k Gold Diameter: 30.5mm Weight: 17gr Maximum Mintage: 100

Sarah, the wife of the Patriarch Abraham was said to be a woman of special beauty. According to Rabbinical commentary, she was as beautiful at the age of a hundred as she was at twenty and at seven. She had an outstanding personality and stood beside Abraham, playing as important a role as he did. Her wisdom was recognized by G-d, when He told Abraham "In all that Sarah has said to you, hearken to her voice" (Genesis 21:12).

Her name Sarai, meaning "princess of her people", was changed to Sarah because she was a "princess to all mankind". However, Sarah was barren. She and Abraham had lived a childless life until, at age ninety, the divine promise came true. Sarah gave birth to Isaac and thus became the Matriarch.

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