Copper Mezuzah 12cm- Filigree, Inlaid With Stones


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Copper Mezuzah 12cm- Crown Series

This original Judaica gift is a creation designed in Israel and brought to you by ahuva. We think you'll find the style and beauty of this artistic piece will enhance your home, office and synagogue and a unique gift giving idea. Since we manufacture this Judaica, you're getting a price point at a fraction of comparable pieces found elsewhere. Designed by our Israeli staff, each Judaica piece arrives boxed and ready for presentation as well. Buy it now and enjoy.@מזוזת "כתר" נחושת 12 ס"מ
Color :גימור נחושת
Width: 2
Length :12
Size : cm
Minimum order quantity is: 1

Copper Mezuzah 12cm- Crown Series

מגיע עם דבק דו צדדי

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