Leather Siddur Prayer Books


Leather Hebrew Prayer Book For All Ocassions. Leather Prayer Booklet with Segullos, Segulah, Segulot, Now you have it all in one!. This Blue Leather Prayer Book is a collection of all types of Prayers and Segulas which includes
  • Perek Shira
  • Shir Hashirim
  • Nishmat Kol Chai
  • Igeret Huramban
  • Tefillat Hashlah
  • Tefillot Avot Al Bonim vParshat Ha'Man
  • Kriat Shma - Ashkenaz and Sefard
  • Birchat Hamazon - Ashkenaz and Sefard
  • Tefillat Haderech
  • Segullah to Find a Lost Object
  • Prayer Before Hafroshat Challah
  • Hadloket Neirot
  • Prayer for Luck

    This amazing book isn't just Segulas, to conclude it, it has Tehillim Mechulik with tabs for each day of the week. Made in Israel. Stamping Color Silver. Pages: 256. ArtistY. Vaksberg. Material Hard Cover. Height6.5in (16.5cm), Width4.75in (12cm), Depth.75in (2cm) Color: Blue.

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