Shema Yisrael Heart Pendant


Shema Yisrael Jewelry Heart Pendant. Heart shape pendant with "O, Hear Israel" 925 STERLING SILVER HEART SHAPE PENDANT "SHEMA ISRAEL"+ DIAMOND The word heart in Hebrew is written "LEV", which is consisted with 2 letters, the "LAMED" and the "Bet". These letters begins and ends the Bible, being the very first letter in the very first word and last letter in the very last word. So when combined stands for wholeness and purity. The Bible is read Jewish people every day, day-by-day, year after year, through all the adulthood life, in cyclic manner. So connecting the end to the beginning repeatedly, conveys the message that nature and all its livings are cyclic phenomena. The engraving serves as talisman for divine protection, using the traditional pray of "Shema Israel" This pray links the intensity of believing in God to the abundance of nature, health and prosperity, thus attracts these virtues to the wearer.

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