Art Framed - Business Blessings


Birchas HaEsek (Blessing for Business) Prayer Framed Graphikatz Hebrew Large Light-Colored All-Hebrew Birchas HaEsek Prayer, lacquer on raised wood cut to look like Meoras HaMachpela, with cut-out of Meroas HaMachpela on top going down to a square on bottom. Hebrew prayer on a scroll in middle with dark brown boxes on either side with more Hebrew. In each corner below the Meoras HaMachpela is an illustration, one of a parchment and quill, one of two men shaking hands, one of scaled, and one of a wooden chest. Raised wood on beige polyurethane background. Decorative lacquer on wood scroll work on inside corners of the frame. Wood frame bronze-colored with decorative scroll work. Hang from hook on back of frame. Made in Israel. Approx. Size: 13" x 16"

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