Pidyon Haben First Born Redemption Silver Coin Set


Pidyon Haben First Born Redemption Silver Coin Set

Elite Set of 5 Pidyon Haben Medals, sterling silver .925.
Each medal passed a strict quality assurance and packed in a dedicate capsule to ensure its preservation for many years.
The set comes in a Deluxe wooden presentation box and an original warranty certificate with a dedication for the redemption ceremony.

With the Pidyon Haben Medal Set, the mitzvah of "Pidyon Haben" can be performed in an authentic way. The weight of the silver in the five medals corresponds to the weight of the five silver sheqalim given to the Cohen in Temple times for the Redemption of the Firstborn. The firstborn sons were sanctified by G-d, but after they sinned with the golden calf, their sacred obligations passed to the Levites. Therefore, we are commanded by G-d to redeem our firstborn sons from their special sanctity, through the Cohanim. Pidyon Haben, the Redemption of the Firstborn, is also a reminder that the firstborn sons escaped the fate of the Egyptian firstborns.

 The Obverse of the medal enables an authentic Pidyon HaBen ceremony.

 The medal reverse honors the Aleppo Codex, the earliest known Hebrew manuscript comprising the full text of the Bible, reminding us that the tradition of the redemption goes back to our Biblical roots.

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