Pidyon Haben New - Silver Medal


After the Exodus from Egypt, Moses was commanded: " Sanctify to me all the firstborn, whatever opens the womb among the children of Israel" (Exodus13: 2). This is an eternal reminder that the firstborn of the Israelites were spared when the Plague of Death killed the firstborn among the Egyptians. When the Israelites, but not the Levites, sinned with the Golden Calf, the Lord told Moses that he would take the Levites in place of the first-born son. Thus the Levites became obligated to serve in the Temple and they, like the Kohanim, were not required to redeem the firstborn son.. Among the remainder of the Jewish people, however, the firstborn son is still considered sanctified and must be redeemed on the 31st day after the birth when the father pays a kohen five silver shekels to redeem his son. This wonderful new medal enables an authentic Pidyon HaBen ceremony. The medal reverse honors the Aleppo Codex, the earliest known Hebrew manuscript comprising the full text of the Bible.

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