Rebecca - Gold Medal Single


The Matriarch Rebecca was a woman of decisive opinion, steadfast in her way.< p>

Eliezer, the emissary of Abraham, was sent to find a wife for Abraham's son, Isaac. He met Rebecca near the well and she responded to all his requests with incredible understanding. Eliezer is received as a guest with Rebecca's family and when asked if she would agree to marrying Isaac, Rebecca confidently and decisively replies: "I will..." (Genesis 24:58)< p>

Rebecca became the wife of Isaac. During her pregnancy, she felt difficulties, she felt fighting within her. We are told in the Book of Genesis that Rebecca "went to inquire of the Lord", not Isaac but Rebecca herself, and she gave birth to twins - Jacob and Esau.
When Isaac was elderly and his sight was failing, he asked Esau, the firstborn, to prepare tasty food and intended to bestow many blessings upon him. Rebecca sensed danger in this for the future and took immediate action by calling Jacob and preparing him to serve his fath

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