South Africa & Australia Coin Ring - Men's & Women's Silver Ring


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South Africa & Australia

The Assorted flowers energy of the South Africa 50 cent is influenced by the Australia 50 cent beneath it. When coins from two different countries are worn together, it helps to manifest harmonious energy between those countries, as if the coins are protecting one another

Ring details:

Coin 1: South Africa 50 cent
Years used: 1996-present
Diameter: 21.99 / 0.865"
Symbol: Assorted Flowers
Coin 2: Australia 50 cent
Years used: 1969-present
Diameter: 31.65 mm / 1.246"
Symbol: Queen Elizabeth II and Red Kangaroo and Emu
Setting: 925 Sterling Silver
Weight: 33 grams / 0.0727 pounds

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