Israel Day Yom Ha'atzmaut

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Israel Day Yom Haatzmaut Gifts

Souvenir shop for Israel Day celebrations. Made in Israel and around the world.

Israel Day Yom Haatzmaut Gifts , Israeli Army Souvenirs such as Israeli Bullet Pendants, Israeli Flags Souvenirs, Israel Map Pendants and Picture Frames, Israel Magnets, Israel Games, Coins and art are just a few examples of Israeli Souvenirs. All Lovely - All from Israel - All at great Prices. When you purchase a fabulous Israeli products and Israeli souvenir you not only get unique Israeli product or Israeli good, but a piece of Israel and support the Israel economy. Below you'll find a select few Israeli souvenirs with a particular Israel flavor such as our Israel Map on Glass Mezuzah or Jerusalem Stone Personalized Plaque and Wall Tile. 

Celebrating Israel's 70th Yom Haatzmaut Birthday & Beyond

Israel Day Yom Haatzmaut Gifts celebrating 70 years for the inception of the state of Israel to modern day. It's a huge cause for celebration and every synagogue, temple and Jewish community around the world is encouraged to celebrate this modern day miracle. Give away Israeli flag pins and paraphernalia

Made in Israel and around the world to be unique. Yet don't stop there, there are many more Yom Haatzmaut Israel day gift ideas and event souvenirs in many other departments in our store. Shop online for all your Israel Day Yom Haatzmaut Gifts items.