The Illuminated Pirkei Avot Collector's Edition


The text of Pirkei Avot is nearly 2000 years old. Rabbi Weinrib has skillfully woven images, illumination, profound research and commentary to create this breathtaking masterpiece whose messages come alive with contemporary meaning and lessons for life. Three and one half years of artistic endeavor and illuminating commentary are reflected in this work. The edition, encased in a luxurious leather binding, with each of the 49 art prints housed in a protective mylar sleeve, is limited to 613 signed and numbered editions, plus 48 A.P. sets. Over 570 editions have been subscribed to by prestigious museums, galleries and private collectors world-wide.

This calligraphic classic has been acclaimed to be the most elaborately illuminated Pirkei Avot volume in the history of manuscript illumination!  Its ethical teachings are timeless, the fascinating interplay of the imagery and messages have created an heirloom edition, which is found in galleries, museums, libraries and private collections around the world.  


  • 15"?x20"?
  • 49 art pages
  • Only 20 editions still available for purchase

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