Healing And Protection on Leather Parchment Framed


This unique piece is a reproduction of the original handwritten artwork on parchment. The product is an assembly of the artwork on an exquisite background, with an 8 by 10 frame. Please note, the artwork presented in the picture will be sent when purchased, with that same frame. However, in case the frame is not available in stock, it will be replaced with a similar frame of the same grade, color and quality.

In the book of "Shorshei Ha Shemot" (the root of the names) from the Kabbalist R Moshe Zachuta, we find this unique print that is used as an amulet, which was designed to defeat the laws of chaos and physical nature in many ways. On the inside we find 13 Hebrew-Aramaic names spelled out in "Magen David" shape, and one more name in the middle. On the outside, encircling the "Magen David", we see the 42 letters-name "Ana Be Koach". According to the great Kabbalist " the "Ari", this amulet has super-powers of healing and protection.

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