Ilan Ilan Blessing - Wall Decor Lazer Cut


It brings you the Ilan Ilan blessing in a most exquisite way. The meaningful text makes this artwork a perfect appreciation gift: A weary traveler comes to rest near a tree. He drinks clear water from the stream nearby, eats from the fruits of the tree, and rests in the shade. After the traveler feels refreshed, he prepares to resume his journey. He turns to the tree and says: "Ilan Ilan- dear tree- with what can I bless you? Should I wish you to be full of sweet fruits? You have that. With a stream of clean, clear water? You have that. Should I wish you to be a source of shade? You have that too. What I shall wish for you is that all that comes forth from you will be blessed with more of the same". This very beautiful and meaningful blessing is a parable, taken from the Talmud (Ta"anit 5:2). This artistic text inspired by ancient Judaic scripts and is framed in a contemporary laser cut frame with two doves of peace and a pomegranate, a known Jewish symbol of virtue and opulence. It

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