Prayer For Healing Hand Artwork On Parchment & Framed


This unique piece is a reproduction of the original handwritten artwork on parchment. The product is an assembly of the artwork on an exquisite background, with an 8 by 10 frame. Please note, the artwork presented in the picture will be sent when purchased, with that same frame. However, in case the frame is not available in stock, it will be replaced with a similar frame of the same grade, color and quality. Good health is the absence of an illness together with certain level of wellbeing.

The physical body was designed to serve us in our spiritual path, resolving our karmic correction. The body can become sick for many reasons and it is not always necessary to point our finger to a specific one. Curing our consciousness from its self-destructing nature and putting the body back to work, can help us restore strength to the body and spirit.

In Numbers 12:13, Moses prays to God to heal his sister, "Heal her now, O God, I beseech you". In the original text we find 11 letters. Ou

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