Kiddush Cup Wine Cup Gem Collection


Kiddush Cup Wine Cup Gem Collection. Spectacular Gemstone Wine Cup collection with base. Jewish Symbolism , Torah Tablets etched in Silver on an Enamel colored base. Jewish Symbolism with exquisite Enamel base finishes. Choose Design and Color in style box below.

For example: This stunning Eliyahu wine cup was designed especially for Bris, Passover or Havdalah. On the stem of the piece there is a compartment which contains a miniature wine cup symbolizing Elijah The Prophet's cup. The name "Eliyahu" is written in Hebrew in a lovely shade of silver on the glass cup. The blue and white colors and Gemstones are interwoven into the design. The Cup's design was inspired by traditional Jewish motifs. Matching plate with Eliyahu's name engraved included. The Jewish belief is that Elijah The Prophet visits the Jewish home after the Havdalah Blessing, as well on Passover night. According to Jewish tradition, Elijah also visits the Jewish circumcision ceremony. Designed by Zipora

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