Circle Wheel BLessing Pendant Necklaces


Circle Necklace with Blessings in Hebrew. Lovely Sterling Silver Wheel with the special words of protection engraved and blackened against the Silver base. 0.9" diameter. Choose your protective blessing on this wheel necklace that spins on it's bale . Silver chain sold seperately.
  • Shema Yisrael Wheel
  • "Samech Alef Lamed" Kabbalah Letters of Abundance, Blessing, Success
  • Woman of Valor
  • Ana Bekoach - Kabbalistic prayer of protection
  • Ani Ledodi Vedodi Li - "I am to My Beloved and my Beloved is to me"
  • Healing Necklace "Mem, Heh, Shin"
  • May God Bless You and Protect You. Cohen's Blessing
  • Halleluya Praise Necklace from Psalms
  • "May my soul Be bound in yours" Love necklace.

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