Noah'S Ark - Metal Laser Cut Art Piece


Noah's Ark - Metal Laser Cut Art Piece. This piece of contemporary Jewish art is a true celebration of the famous legend. This colorful metal piece beautifully delivers a vivid image of the biblical story of Noah's ark. In the book of Genesis, God sees the evil doing of mankind and so resolves to send a great flood on Earth as punishment. Noah, a righteous man, is commanded by God to save himself from the flood. God gives further instructions on how to build a large ark that will survive the flood. Noah is also asked to take animals on board, two of every kind, male and female. When the flood ends, God sends a rainbow in the sky as a sign and promises to never send a flood on earth again. This remarkable piece is an original design by Tzuki Art. It is meticulously made from laser-cut metal in a multi-stage process. The process begins with sketching followed by the careful cutting of the metal which is later coated in deep galvanization, ending with painting with polyester powder.

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