Bride And Groom Mini-Sculpture


Under the huppa or wedding canopy , this couple waits for the wedding ceremony to start. The figures in black and white glass are molded in metal and glass. Each item is handmade. Details on the figures are made with decorative wire and the glass is wrapped in metal. These glass people sculptures are ideal not only for wedding gifts, but engagement and anniversary gifts. Figures: 7" tall. Choose your favorite Style. One of our favorites, the bride and groom sculpture, dressed in traditional black and white under a huppa or wedding canopy, stands next to other sculptures in the collection. This is the perfect gift for weddings, engagements, or anniversaries. The huppa represents the Jewish home where they will dwell. The figures are hand cut, wrapped in metal, soldered together, before the finishing details are added.
  • #4100 (Inverted Triangular Figurines.
  • #4710 - Under the Canopy
  • #5054 (Flowing Gown Full Men's Body Attire)

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