Ancient Coin - Antonius Felix Prutah 52Ad


Antonius Felix Prutah VF

Antonius Felix's reign (52-60 AD.) was known as ungraceful, he ordered the violent
and murderous repression of any possible rebellion. One side of the coin shows a palm
tree which is a Jewish symbol, that is probably indicative of his desire to maintain the trust
of the local population. The other side is unusual for a coin struck in Judea. Depicting
a Roman shield, it was probably intended as a demonstration of the unchallenged power
and control of Rome. 

Quality: Very fine. 

The image shown is illustrative. Your actual ancient Antonius Felix Prutah coin comes with a signed certificate of authentication by the certified antiquities dealer of Israel. Remember, you are purchasing authentic history in your hands of a 2,000 year old coin.

 If you want to choose the actual coin you'll receive and have a cell phone, give us a call and we'll take an actual photo of stock for your choice of coin and send it to your phone for approval before we ship !

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