The Tessler Collection/Rennert Edition of The Illuminated Torah - Sefer Shemot


This breathtaking volume represents the magnum opus of ahuva"™s collection.  The imagery, the commentary, the messages, the depth and breadth of the interpretations and the brilliance of the artistry come together in one of the most exquisitely produced volumes ever created.  Every verse in the Book of Exodus is rendered in calligraphy, together with illumination, translation and commentary.

This volume has received written approbations from some of the leading scholars and rabbinic leaders in Israel and America.

  • 15" x 20"
  • Nearly 400 pages
  • Luxurious leather cover with gold stamping and embossing and artistic art plate
  • Limited Edition of 613
  • Museum quality art sheets enhanced with gold stamping
  • Paper cuts
  • Imported interleaf sheets

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