Handmade Ceramic Mezuzah Jerusalem Walls

Handmade Ceramic Mezuzah Jerusalem Walls


Clay art is an artistic approach creating artpieces from clay. These pieces tell the story of centuries. Our unique artistic approach mixes clay impressions, color and glaze, into specially designed creations. Glazed in high temperature and some are decorated with 24k gold, creating a 3D image of Jewish History

Inspired by archaeological findings, and symbolic images such as Hamsa, pomegranate, fish, Star of David and Dates that represent abundance, fertility and a long life, good luck, fortune, health, love and prosperity .

  • Each piece is one of a kind and treated with love care. (shading may differ slightly)

  • Each plaque Includes wooden stand.

  • Each piece is gift packed in a cardboard box with the artists authentication and explanation.

Handmade Ceramic Mezuzah Jerusalem Walls

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