Matza Shmura Matzos Unleavened Bread


Shmura Matzos 2.2 LB box (double quantity) of Shmura matzah (guarded from harvest against water fermentation) matzah. 9 Round Matzos (unleavened Bread) in each box. Strict orthodox standards applied.

These matzos are entirely hand made by ultra orthodox Torah Jews, well versed in the laws of Matzot baking, under the supervision of Badaz Yore Deah with the direction of R' Shlomo Machpud. All Matzot enter the oven with a stick covered in disposable lining paper, and many other stringencies are observed, from the time of kneading, till the completion of baking, in less than 18 minutes, as befits g-d fearing Jews who are stringent in Mitzva obeservance. Free from Tevel and Shviit, Challah seperated according to Jewish Law. Every care has been taken to guarantee that the Matzot are crisp, fresh and tasty. Mehadrin Min Hamehadrin baked in B'nei Brak, Israel . This item is priced below value. < p>

While we take much precaution in packaging matzos to arrive as shi

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