Prayer Boards

Announcement Boards, Temple Boards, Religious Boards,Prayer Boards, Prayer Plaques & Synagogue Boards. The Synagogue, the Jewish Synagogue has long been the place of Hebrew Prayer & Jewish Worship for all Jews be it the Shul, the Synagogue or the Temple. For centuries Jews have always respected and adorned the Synagogue with Prayer Board , Religious Boards, Prayer Plaques to enhance prayers & decor. Such as Announcement Boards for the weekly Parsha, the special prayer inserts for Rosh Chodesh, Holidays and Fast days, the Omer Counter, The Kaddish, Modim, the 10 commandments and other Famous Prayers Such as Tehillim Lamnatzeach. Our announcement boards are a crucial requirement for your Synagogue and we'll custom make them just right for your needs. Price, Service.