Purim Megillah Scroll Of Esther Parchment & Case For Sale


Purim Megillah Scroll Of Esther Parchment For Sale

Purim Megillah Scroll of Esther written on authentic kosher parchment. Our certified Purim Megillah scrolls are written in Israel by Sofer Stam at high quality on Kosher Parchment by well known careful and expert Israeli Soferim (scribes). We at ahuva have a set of careful G-d fearing scribes to personally work with. Not only are our Purim megillah scrolls top notch, but in purchasing one, you directly support our much needed scribes with their sustenance. As a result, the scroll received is of the utmost quality in beautiful written Hebrew script and of course Kosher certified. We provide these scrolls at a great discount so take advantage of the best scrolls available at the guaranteed best price. General height 14 - 16" all sizes can be ordered however, if unspecified we'll ship standard size in stock. 

The picture is a sample only. The actual product is hand written by a scribe and cannot be matched with the picture. please call or write us a message and we will send you a copy of the actual scrolls currently available in stock.

Purim Megillah Scroll Of Esther Parchment For Sale

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