Pillar Of Fire Aron Kodesh


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This original Aron Kodesh features solid woodworking and lighting techniques which  challenge the spirit beyond the typical ark design. The aron kodesh itself and lower boxes are built from solid wood with dovetail joinery. They feature hand carving. The solid wood half cylinder shapes staircase vertically, filling the space with graduating soft  light. The Aron Kodesh is crowned with 2" thick solid wood crown created by complex curves and angles in solid wood and hand carved to shape and texture. The glass directly above the aron kodesh envelopes you in light of hand blown pyrex glass features. Truly a one of a kind work that will be treasured for many years to come. Dimensions: 253 cm high with crown x 160 cm wide x 48 cm deep and 98  cm deep on top  
Available and Custom Aron Kodesh This Aron Kodesh  is currently available for sale and can be shipped out within days. This aron kodesh is designed and built from solid wood and hand blown glass in Israel. The ark can easily be shipped and assembled worldwide. The lighting of the sides and crown of the structure makes it an inspiring ark. Each aron kodesh is built individually from the finest materials by Synagogue Furniture jewish craftsmen. We are proud to offer solid hardwood with strong, beautiful joinery, and durable finish. Each bears unique hand carving or glass detail work. Contact us for more information regarding this Aron Kodesh or custom work to suit your needs, style, and budget requirements.
Materials: Borosilicate Glass|Wood

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