Fancy Torah Markers - Torah Hanging Plaques


Torah Markers. Fancy Torah Plaques made of plexiglass and finished in Gold or Silver. Includes chain to hang on each sefer torah to mark them accordingly.

  • ספר ראשון Sefer Rishon
  • ספר שני Sefer Sheni
  • מפטיר - Maftir
  • שבת - Shabbat
  • חול - Weekdays
  • ראש חודש Rosh Hodesh
  • תענית -  Fast Days
  • חנוכה - Hanukkah
  • ראש השנה - Rosh Hashanah
  • יום כיפור  - Yom Kippur
  • סוכות - Sukkot
  • שבועות - Shavuoth
  • פסח  - Passover
Price is per piece. There is a minimum of 3 pieces. Full set is 11 pieces. Put in the quantity box your choice. You may specify Text to be placed on each at checkout under "Comments".

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