Tree Of Life Glass Tzedakah Box


With colors of iridescent lavender this contemporay Tree of Life tzedakah box will match any decor. The principal of tzedakah, of giving, is one of the important principals in Judaism along with the study of torah and tikun olam, to repair the world. THE PHOTO VARIES FROM THE ACTUAL PRODUCT. A SLOT IN THE FRONT HAS BEEN ADDED.

The symbol of the Tree of Life is used in Judaism in the Torah. The Torah is a " Tree of Life - Etz Hayyim - to all who hold fast to it" and it represents "eternal life planted in our midst." The graphic has been designed with Julie Staller-Pentelnik, a Jewish artist well known for her Hebrew calligraphy and ketubot. With colors of lavender this would be the perfect gift for a bat mitzvah, a birth, a birthday or any special occasion.

The stained glass iridescent box is hand made. Each piece of glass is hand cut with a glass cutter and then ground on a grinder. Next, the sections of the glass are wrapped in copper foi

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