Tzedakah Box - Custom Logo On Acrylic


Custom Acrylic Tzedakah Boxes. Acrylic plastic is the hardest most durable plastic available. We create your custom logo tzedakah box and charity box just for your organization. Your tzedakah box is custom made in Acrylic Plastic in either transparent or opaque plastic with your optional logo. Logo services with professional print services and application. Each charity tzedakah box is custom made to suite your organization and budget. We'll request the logo via email after the order is placed.

Pushka Tzedakah Boxes are available in two sizes and a host of base colors or transparent acrylic. If your printing a custom logo there is a minimum of only 100 pcs to custom print on these tzedakah boxes and we'll match your logo colors with a matching roof and bottom !

Tzedakah Pushka Charity Box Options

  • Proudly manufactured in Israel
  • Logo Print of your graphic work to apply on each tzedakah box is $1.40/pc extra.
  • Cost to apply artwork $0.55/pc extra.
  • Shipping outside of Israel approx. $2/piece.
  • Our graphic work is a flat $100

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