Textured Tzedakah Box


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Tzedakah Box hand carved with the texture of the curved blade. Made of Old growth yellow cedar or solid African Walnut and inlayed with handmade pyrex glass.   Tight joinery. Can also be made with a handmade glass handle for holding candles, etrogim, etc.   Carving and blown glass by artist.   Each piece has a different feel depending upon the carving work and finish. Can be customized, carved, or inlayed with glass. Dimensions: 10 cm x 15 cm x 10 cm

Wood Tzedakah Box- A Great Bar Mitzvah Gift

A variety of dovetail tzedakah boxes are currently available for sale.  Please inquire for availability.  Custom carving and stain can be ordered, price may be more or less than listed price depending upon the detail work.  Available in dark or light finish of Yellow Cedar. Custom engraving can be for gifts on the box or beneath.  Inquire about other custom options for tzedakah boxes. Each charity  box  is built from the finest materials by Synagogue Furniture jewish craftsmen with durable lacquer finish.

Materials: Borosilicate Glass | Cedar | Walnut
Height: 10
Length: 15
Width: 10

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