Israel Day

Israel Day
Israel Souvenir Gifts & Israeli Goods Made in Israel.

Israeli Army Souvenirs such as Israeli Bullet Pendants, Israeli Flags Souvenirs, Israel Map Pendants and Picture Frames, Israel Magnets, Israel Games, Coins and art are just a few examples of Israeli Souvenirs. All Lovely - All from Israel - All at great Prices. When you purchase a fabulous Israeli products and Israeli souvenir you not only get unique Israeli product or Israeli good, but a piece of Israel and support the Israel economy. Below you'll find a select few Israeli souvenirs with a particular Israel flavor such as our Israel Map on Glass Mezuzah or Jerusalem Stone Personalized Plaque and Wall Tile. These items are all made in Israel and unique. Yet don't stop there, there are many more

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Israel Flyer Handout Israel Anthem

The official Israel Flyer Handout includes the Israel Anthem and Jerusalem of Gold with spectacular ..


Kippah Special Low Price -64% Out Of Stock

Kippah Special Low Price

Made in Israel, this month we have a special stock of gorgeous embroidered and silk design in purple..

$4.21 $1.50

Sand Art Jewish Game Fund for Children

Sand Art Jewish Game Fund for Children. Each set includes 2 sand boards, each approx. 5" x 7" or 9.5..


Jewish Ceramic Magnet Souvenir

The Temple Jewish Ceramic Magnet Souvenir. Lovely designed Ceramic Plate Israel Fridge magnet Souven..


Kippah Israeli & American flag USA

Kippah with Israeli and American USA flag on black background. Patriotic Kippah Skullcaps for 4th of..


Israel Charity Tzedakah Boxes - Tin Triangular -26%

Israel Charity Tzedakah Boxes - Tin Triangular

Israel Charity Tzedakah Boxes - Tin Triangular. Beautiful, colorful Tzedakah (Charity) Box (Pushka)e..

$3.99 $2.95

Hamsa Key Holder Keychain Gifts

Beautiful Key Holders. Hamsa Key Holder Keychain Gifts for you and your loved ones! Our keychain mod..


Kippah - Israel Defence Forces Tzahal

Kippah - Israel Defence Forces Tzahal made of cloth with beautiful embroidery. 17cm ..


Jewish Patch - Iron On Custom Apparel Patches

Iron On Apparel Patches are fabulously embroidery quality patches that allows you to stick it anywhe..


Metal Key Holders in Jewish Israeli Themes

Metal Key Holders in Jewish Israeli Themes. 4cm. Silver Plated case available in assorted designs. A..


Jewish Key chain holders

Jewish Emblem Key chain Holders with the Israeli Star Flag in a Hamsa . Expoxy design. Epoxy finish ..


Israel Bencher & Siddur Booklet

The official Israel Bencher & Siddur Booklet has all the tefillot for Arvit, Schacharit, the Omer, H..


Israel Rugby Shirt -76%

Israel Rugby Shirt

Official Rugby Shirt Jerusalem 2000. Now on Sale. These brand new Jerseys are soft cotton shirts. (P..

$16.96 $4.00

Jerusalem Israel Souvenir Fridge Magnets

Lovely designed Israeli Fridge metal magnets. Quality and durable metal magnets with strong backing ..