Jewish Jewelry Necklace Jewelry around the neck. David Star & Jewish Symbol, Hamsa and Jewish Silver Jewel Design Necklaces.
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Murano Glass+Maroon Necklaces.

Murano Glass+Maroon Necklaces.Hand Made Italian Murano Glass necklaces made in Israel. Each piece is..


Peace Dove Necklace

Each dove is decorated with curved metal feathers, beads, shining gold leaf and Swarovski crystals. ..


Star of David with Heart and Dove Necklace

Each piece is truly like a miniature artwork. Material: stainless-steel, Hand painted with acrylic ..


Star of David with Shaddai Necklace

Colorful and funky, yet feminine design will match a variety of personal styles. Each piece is truly..


Turquoise Peace Dove Necklace

This beautiful dove pendant is hand painted in glittering turquoise, green, and orange. Each dove is..


Rainbow Hamsa Necklace

Our sweet rainbow hamsa is a colorful way to add some good luck to your wardrobe.. The rounded desig..


Bashert Destiny Soul Friend Pendant

Bashert is the classic yidish Jewish name for Soul & destined Match in heaven between Man and Wife. ..


Tattoo Hamsa

Sterling silver hamsa is fashioned after tattoo jewelry. This 1.25" hamsa is generally worn on a lon..


Blue Hamsa Necklace

Its unique beaded eye is a fresh take on an ancient good-luck symbol.. With so many colors in its de..


Israel Pendant Necklace

The Israel Pendant Necklace. Keep the Land of Israel close to your heart when wearing this necklace!..


Italian Glass Unique Pendants Made in Israel

Italian Murano glass pendant designs with 14kt gold accented...


Jerusalem Rose Necklace Pendant

This delicate rose necklace is made with a detailed handmade lampwork glass bead and sterling silver..


Maroon Gold Murano Glass Pendant Set

Beautiful Murano Glass Pendants in deep rich Bordeaux Maroon Color with Gold and a ting of blues. Ha..


Murano Glass Gold Neckalces.

Murano Glass Gold Neckalces.Hand Made Italian Murano Glass Necklaces made in Israel. Each piece is f..


Paradise Sea Necklace

This beautiful Paradise Sea necklace is made from Israel Stones...


Magen David On Abalone Necklace

Ear shell is very rare and precious pearly ornament adjoining with a Star of David hanging around th..


Glittering Stone Unique Pendant

Get this glittering Glittering Stone Unique Pendant for your loved ones! This radiant green stone pe..


Stone Blessing Tablet Necklace

Stone Blessing Tablet Necklace. Beautiful Jerusalem Stone Blessing Tablet Necklace. Jerusalem Stone ..


Ani Le-Dodi Necklace

The immortal words of King Solomon on a Sterling Silver Necklace and Chain...