Jewish Jewelry Necklace Jewelry around the neck. David Star & Jewish Symbol, Hamsa and Jewish Silver Jewel Design Necklaces.
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Gift of Life

Gift for Life - A splendid gift for the birth giving mother. A momento for the mother and the new bo..


Woman of Valor Sterling Pendant Gift

Woman of Valor - Sterling Silver w 16" Chain. Grab this Dazzling Pendant to give to her now! ..


Lucky Seven Ring Necklace

Lucky seven Hebrew ring necklace. The leather band could be purchased in either black or red with a ..


Butterfly Necklaces in 4 Color Options

Butterfly Necklace Sets in 4 color options. Gorgeously made of Schez Crystals, enamel and resin, the..


Hanging Hamsa Necklace

Hanging Hamsa Necklace . Classical Hamsa Design meets modern fashion. Made of resin and finished in ..


Silver & Gold Circle of Love Pendant

Meaningful Silver & Gold Circle of Love Pendant inscription in original hebrew an original creation ..


Israeli Old, Collector's Coin Pendant - 25 Pruta Israel Coin

"Readiness" Simply Coind NecklaceThis amazing old coin pendant necklace features the 25 ..


Shemah Israel Necklace

This necklace would be the passion among the young ages. Star of David with full of spirit and love!..


Mazal -Luck

Mazal -Luck. Height 11 16 Width 10 16 Grams.0.7..


Blue Hamsa Chain

Blue Hamsa Chain.Dazzling Hamsa Necklace with gorgeous blue stones. Get this glittering Necklace to ..


Israeli Old, Collector's Coin Pendant - 25 Agorot Israel Coin Necklace

"Melody" Simply Coind NecklaceThis amazing old coin pendent features the 25 Agorot coi..


Israeli Old, Collector's Coin Pendent - 50 Sheqalim Israel Coin

This amazing old, collector's coin pendent features the 50 Sheqalim coin of Israel.Focus Th..


Jerusalem Jewelry Necklace

Jerusalem Gate Jewelry necklace is portrayed in this elegant hand made pendant. A unique three tone ..


Unique Womens Floral Pendant

Fashionable Necklace unique for women! Single floral stone is the attraction to your Necklace. Swaro..


Lucky Charm Seven Ring Necklace

Lucky Charm seven Hebrew ring necklace. On a silver ball chain a different Hebrew blessing on each r..


Triple Necklace

Sterling silver "saying" charms are written in both Hebrew and English and measure 3 4". On this nec..


Mother Of Pearl In Pomegranate Necklace

Eye catching Pomegranate Pendant hangs in this beautiful Necklace. Most precious Mother of pearl ins..


Aquarius Medallion on an Old 10 Sheqel Coin of Israel

Adventure Aquarius PendantThis handmade Aquarius pendant is set on an old 10 sheqel Israeli coin..


Aries Medallion on an old 10 Sheqel Coin of Israel

“Adventure” Aries PendentThis Aires sign zodiac astrology pendant channels all the bes..


Bravery Lion Pendant - Israel 5 Lira Old, Collector's Coin Necklace

Bravery This Israeli coin shows as lion as he roars. His stance is tough, legs are long (and much st..