Jewish Jewelry Necklace Jewelry around the neck. David Star & Jewish Symbol, Hamsa and Jewish Silver Jewel Design Necklaces.
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Chamsa Agate Pendant with Chain

Get this special Agate Necklace with a long chain! Agate is a impure form of quartz used as a gemsto..


Determination: Israeli Old 5 Agura Coin Eye Protection Necklace

Determination "Insight" NecklaceThis necklace features an old, collector's coin, the Israeli 5 a..


Israeli Old Coin Eye Pendant - 25 Pruta Coin of Israel Necklace

This 25 Pruta old coin of Israel is placed in a beautiful sterling silver frame - making an eye that..


Courage Israel Old Coin Lion in Eye Necklace

Courage "Insight" NecklaceThis unique, handmade necklace features the Lion of Courage on..


Israeli Old Collector's Coin: 5 Agorot Eye Necklace

Courage "Insight" NecklaceThis amazing old, collector's coin of Israel necklace feautres the 5 Ago..


Lapis Charm Necklace

Gorgeous handmade Blue Kyanite Stone Silver Jewish Charm necklace. This charming necklace is ornamen..


Silver Plated Rings Necklace

Unique Silver Plated Rings Necklace. The Necklace is made of two leather strips terminated with inte..


Israeli Old, Collector's Coin Necklace - 5 Agorot Coin of Israel

Abundance "Sharing" NecklaceThis amazing old, collector's coin necklace features t..


Smadar Pendants

This is one of the masterpieces in modern pendant collection. It looks like a letter pad with flower..


Ancient Shekel Coin Pendant & Earring Set

3 Pc. Sterling Silver Set from an early Shekel c. 70 CE Jewish Museum, New York. Includes Pendant wi..


Crystal Stones Necklace

Shiny Silver Necklace made of crystal cubic stones. Amazing for its beauty. This is an original pie..


Israeli Jewelry - Framed Filigree Pendant

Framed Filigree Pendant handmade in Israel, this is a delicate and intricate ornamentation in a doub..


Courage Israeli Old Coin in Silver Hamsa Pendant

Courage "Life" Necklace This unique, handmade pendant necklace features the Lion of Courage on the o..


Heart Shaped Opal Necklace Gift

An original piece, this heart shaped silver pendant is adorned with six true opal stones and feature..


Song of Songs Pendant Love Pendant

Inside this beautiful pendant you'll find a declaration of love from the "Song of Songs," written by..


Shema Yisroel Stone Necklace

Shema Yisroel Stone Necklace, with multi leather strand. Inscribed with the text "Shema Yisroel" in ..


Ancient Coin Jewelry Necklace

Ancient Coin Jewelry Necklace. Ancient Coin Jewelry piece , this coin has been personally inspected ..


Larimar Heart Jewelry Set

Stunning Larimar Heart Jewelry Set includes Pendant (Front and Back shown) and matching earrings all..


Torah Pendant With The 10 Commandments In

Torah Pendant With The 10 Commandments In . Height 5 8 Width 1 2 Grams.1.55..


Filigree Plaque Silver Pendant

Wow! Unique Silver Plaque Pendant with filigree. Hand made in Israel...