Jewish Jewelry Necklace Jewelry around the neck. David Star & Jewish Symbol, Hamsa and Jewish Silver Jewel Design Necklaces.
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Ties Silver Pendant

Wow! Pendant as Tie! This pendant just dangles around the neck like a tie. Gift this stylish pendant..


BVLGARI Necklace Pendant Hebrew Kabbalah

BVLGARI Necklace Pendant in Hebrew Kabbalah. Inspired by BVLGARI Italy, this beautiful double ring p..


Judaica Emblem Necklace

Different Jewish traditional symbols in one Necklace! Small chains hanging with different metal cast..


Israeli Coin Agora Pomegranette Flower Silver Necklace

"Celebration" Inside Out NecklaceCelebration Pomegranates bloom on this Israeli money..


High Five Necklace Set

Among this potpourri of five pearls – each a different shape, size and color- hangs a hand-hammered,..


Courage Israeli Old Coin - Handmade Lion Silver Pendant Necklace

This unique, handmade pendant necklace features the Lion of Courage on the old, collector's 1/2 ..


Platelets Necklace

Gold or Silver Platelets Necklace made out of pewter (tin alloy) or mazak (zinc alloy). Items are pl..


Star Necklace with Diamond

A stunning star of David with a 14k gold chain necklace, 5 16", with a .02ct diamond. ..


Shofar Shaped Design Pendant

Shofar Shaped Design. Height 3 4 Width 3 8 Grams.1.6..


Unique Necklace Bracelet Belt & Ring Set

Contemporary and beautiful beaded Set. Brown leather necklace with wonderful floral pendant and gold..


Israeli Old, Collector's Coin Pendant - 10 Sheqel Boat Coin of Israel

This amazing old, collector's coin ring features the 10 Sheqel coin of Israel with an antique bo..


I am to My Beloved in Heart Pendant

I am to My Beloved in Heart Pendant 3mm thick. A fabulous love pendant expressed in original Hebrew ..


Star of David Necklace & Roman Glass

Star of David Necklace & Roman Glass. How charming is this contemporary design of the ancient symbol..


Diamond Hamsa Necklace

14k gold hamsa, 1 4' with .07 ct diamonds is available in either white or yellow gold and includes a..


Diamond Star Jewish Jewelry

14k gold Star of David, 5 16", with a .03ct diamond in the center. Comes on a 16" chain. ..


Bubbe (Grandma) Pendant With Diamond

Bubbe (Grandma) Pendant With Diamond. Height 7 8 Width 1 4 Grams.1.02..


Israeli Coin Necklace - 5 Agorot coin of Israel Clock Pendant

Determination "Timeless" NecklaceAn amazing necklace featuring 5 Agorot coin of Israel..


Israeli Coin Necklace - Old 5 Agorot Coin of Israel in Cute Pendant

This amazing necklace features a 5 Agorot coin of Israel in a beautiful sterling silver frame, with ..


Ani Ledodi- I'M My Beloved

Ani Ledodi- I'M My Beloved. Medium Height 5 8 Width 1 2 Grams.1.85..


Watch In The Basket Necklaces

Beautiful Basket with Watch inside hangs around your neck! Get this contemporary piece and Gift your..