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Men's Boardie Bathing Suit -82%

Men's Boardie Bathing Suit

Official Maccabian Game Boardies. Expect a comfortable fit and stylish look for a high quality bathi..

$22.00 $4.00


Flat or Round Black or White Gartel available with different amounts of string. The Gartel is worn d..


Israel Navy Sweatshirt -80%

Israel Navy Sweatshirt

Warm and comfortable this sweatshirt is sheer comfort. Quality patch design and embroidery by Kukri ..

$29.71 $6.00

Anointing Oil Biblical Oil Anointment

Anointing Oil Bottle 10 ml (0.33 fl. oz.) Authentically produced in Jerusalem. Different Biblical An..


Hebrew Baseball Caps

Custom Quality Baseball Cap Embroidered in Hebrew or English and available in different colors. Adj..


Anointing Oils Biblical Oil for Anointment

Anointing Oils - King David, King Solomon, Queen of Sheba, Myrrh, Spikenard, Lily of the Valleys, Ea..


Timepiece Gold Shema Yisrael -54%

Timepiece Gold Shema Yisrael

Hebrew Shema Yisrael Watch. Lovely quality Hebrew Shema Yisrael Jewelry Watch, ideal gift for anyone..

$85.00 $39.00

Torah Anointing Oil Bottle

Torah Anointing Oil Bottle. Light of Jerusalem Anointing Oil. 27 ml 0.9 fl.oz. By Ein Gedi Dead Sea ..


Leather Military Bracelet with IDF - Israel Defense Forces - Amulet and Adjustable Buckle

A thick black high quality leather bracelet with an amulet featuring the logo of the IDF - Israel De..


Shema Yisrael Bracelet with Hebrew Jewish Blessing Prayer and Menorah Symbol

This bracelet is made of thick leather and is very strong and sturdy.Above and below are black p..


Hebrew "Love the Lord your God" Bracelet

The bracelet is made of a thick but soft vintage tan brown leather combined with antique bronze hard..


Siyum Hashas Gemara Learning Award

Siyum Hashas Gemara Learning Award. Beautiful Artistic Siyum Mementos, created in honor of the 12th ..


Silver Jewish Cufflinks

Cuff Links in the shape of Star of David's (six pointed). Gorgeous, elegant, and subtle these sterli..


Lions of Judah Sterling Silver Jewish Cufflinks

These are beautifully carved lions of Judah. Sterling silver cufflinks ready to grace any shirt.Dime..


Jerusalem Leather Cased Wine Set -15%

Jerusalem Leather Cased Wine Set

Jerusalem Leather Cased Wine Set; The case, made of fine leather is beautifully decorated with a lan..

$219.94 $186.95

Ancient Coins Jewish Cufflinks

Ancient Coins Jewish Cufflinks. Lily of Jerusalem Denomination: Bronze Prutah Date: 130 - 132 B.C.E...


Allegro Black Hat Made in Italy

Handmade in Italy in Vanzina quality, the Allegro is a very comfortable hat to wear .This hat is un..


Tefillin Peshutim Mehudarim Phylacteries -9%

Tefillin Peshutim Mehudarim Phylacteries

Tefillin Peshutim Mehudarim Phylacteries. The best value of Tefillin peshutim mehdarim Phylacteries...

$295.00 $269.00

Jewish Watch Star Of David Feature

Jewish watch that really makes an impression: Elegance Jewish Watch Embodies the Star of David that ..