Physician / Lawyer Gifts such as Wall Art Framed and Unframed. Special Gifts for your Doctor the Physician and Lawyer the one who practices the Legal Justice Code of Law & Ethics. You don't have to be a Jewish Doctor or Jewish Lawyer to receive one of these gifts
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Physician Prayer - Doctor's Gift

Tefilat Harofeh, the physician prayer and Doctor's Gift is a humble request to use the skill learned..


Lawyers Prayer - Blessing Of Justice

Beautifully laser cut metal decor for a professional lawyer. A blessing that he shall not falter in ..


Physician's Prayer Art with Deer

Physician's Prayer Lithograph Art. A Doctor's Gift Blessing. Size 11 in x 9 in. Available in English..


Doctor Physician's Blessing Art Glicee

Doctor Physician's Blessing Art Glicee. New Fabulous vibrant Doctor Physician's Blessing Glicee Art ..


Jewish Gold Medal Gift Collection

Presentation Jewish-Gold-Medal Coin Collection. Specially minted in limited quantities these Gold me..


Prayer Art Framed - For Physicians

English Tefillas HaRofei (Prayer for the Physician), lacquer on raised wood cut and designed to look..


Framed Blessing in 3D All Ocassions

Framed Blessing in 3D All Ocassions. Framed blessings intricately detailed print comes with a shadow..


Physician's Prayer for Doctors

Physicians prayer  is a special prayer in honor of a physician's work and appreciation. Now containe..


Hachut Hameshulash Rabbeinu Chananel, Rash'bam, R'

Translated and Annotated by: Eliyahu MunkThe selection of these four authors: Rabbeinu Chananel, Ras..


Encyclopedia of Jewish Medical Ethics

Ethical issues in modern medicine are of great concern and interest to all physicians and health-car..


Maimonides Prayer for the Physician

Beautiful and Artistic Maimonides Prayer for the physician in a gorgeous golden frame. Perfect gift ..


Lawyers Cutout Blessing

Lawyers Paper Cut Blessing. Hand Made in Israel , this blessing is specific to the Lawyers Service w..


Physician's Prayer-Stained Glass in a Frame 3D

A Physician's Prayer, this intricately detailed print comes with a shadow box frame specifically des..


3D Framed Art Presentation Gift

3D Framed Art Presentation Gift. This collection of Framed Art Blessings, feature an intricately de..


Maimonides Physician's Prayer

Stained glass of Maimonidies Physician Prayer. This intricately detailed print comes with a shadow b..


Prayer for the Lawyer of Justice

Beautiful Lithograph art piece for a Lawyer. A great gift to the new Law graduate or Lawyer. "Justic..


Physician's Prayer PaperCut Doctor's Blessing

Physician's Prayer PaperCut Doctor's Blessing. Size 11.5 in x 12.5 in. Available in English Only. ..


Maimonidies Prayer for the Physician

Prayer for the Physician Please guide me to help all those in need. This print includes the complete..


Maimonidies Prayer for the Physician 3D

Maimonidies Prayer for the Physician, this intricately detailed print comes with a shadow box frame ..


Auto Nikud Platinum Hebrew Word Processor

The Ultimate Hebrew Word Processing Utility Ages: 12-Adult Media: CD-ROM Version: Windows 95 and h..