Havdalah Set

Havdalah Set
Havdalah Set includes kiddush cup, candle holder and spice holder on a tray to fit your style and budget. Read More
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Havdalah Spice Bag Personalized

Havdalah spice bags Choose your colorBurlap materialbow tiedfilled with spicespersonalized in Hebrew..


Havdalah Candles Round Braided Blue White

Havdalah Candles Round Braided Blue White are classic multi wick havdalah candles to fit your havdal..


Tefillin Centerpieces

Enhance the tables at your upcoming Bar Mitzvah with this fabulous souvenir. This Tefillin-shaped ke..


Havdalah Spice Favor

This Havdallah besomim bag comes in a variety of colors. Each bag has a two-fold card with the bless..


Spice Glass Bottles - Besamim for Havdalah

Gorgeous new glass bottled Besamim container labeled.Ideal for Bar / Bat Mitzvahs, Weddings, and eve..


Event Favor Prayer Cards

It says in Shulchan Aruch that Lechatchula one should recite Tefillat Haderech after making a Berach..


Besamim Hamsa Blessing

Hamsah and Besamim Spice Blessing. "It says in Shulchan Aruch that one should recite the travellers ..


Havdalah Fragrance Satchels

Embroidered Havdallah Spice Satchels - Blessing filled with whole cloves. 3 Designs to choose from w..


Havdalah Spice Satchel

Embroidered Havdallah Spice Satchel - Fragrance of Havdallah Spice - Blessing filled with whole clov..


Havdalah Gift Favor

Ideal for Melaveh Malkas, weekend dinners, or just for yourself at home. This large matchbox is atta..


Multi Wick Havdalah Candles

Multi Wick Havdalah Candles. Flat shaped braided, multi-colored havdalah candle; 7 wicks. Muted col..


Havdalah Kit

This kit includes: Built in Besomim compartment and custom-made matching match box with embossed let..


Jewish Gift Party Favor : Havdalah Set & Blessings

Jewish Special gift bag for Havdalah with Havdalah prayer card. The unique organza gift is a 3.1x4.7..


Matchbox with Kotel Set

Acrylic matchbox (3" x 4.75") with beautiful picture on front, as per title. Back side has brachot i..


Shabbat Guest Kit

Impress your guests and get ready for compliments when hosting friends and family! Includes: 2 tea ..


Multicolor Folding Traveling Havdalah Candle

Multicolor Folding Traveling Havdalah Candle - 10 Wicks. Made in Israel, this quality Havdalah candl..


Havdallah Spice Box With Cloves

Havdalah spice boxes with cloves. The box is decorated with vibrant colors and charming birds, flowe..


Lantern Havdala Candles

Lantern Havdallah Candles last a long time. Multi Wicked, made in Israel, this is a stand alone cand..


Pyramid Havdalah Candle

Pyramid Havdallah Candles with multi wicks last a long time. Multi Wicked, made in Israel, these are..


Multi wicks Beeswax Havdallah Candles

Multi wicks Beeswax 18-wick Braided Havdalah Candle from Safed Candles in decorative display box. 34..