Medallion Coins

Medallion Coins
Israel Medallion & Coin Collection. Israel Coins & Jewish medallion coins are collectible coins that appreciate with time. The coins of Israel come in Silver Coins and Gold Coin Collectible Series. Add or begin your collection of Israel Coins at unbeatable prices. Israel Coin Collection are an excellent gift and investment.
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Silver Mazal Coin - Chain 16" Pendant

Silver Mazal Coin - NDN5216-300 - Chain 16" Pendant 5/8" D..


Framed Jerusalem View in a Coin Shape

Original Jerusalem View in a coin chape protruding in relief in a bown Frame. This is an original pi..


Silver Coin Pendant & chain

Silver Coin Pendant - NDN2027-300 - Chain 19" Pendant 11/16" D..


Ancient Coin - Widows Mite 104 BCE

PRUTAH OF ALEXANDER JANNAEUS WIDOW'S MITE Alexander Jannaeus (104-76 BCE) was also known as Jo..


Handmade silver roman coin pendant

Handmade silver Roman coin pendant. Sterling silver casted Roman coin pendant with filigree and trad..


Israeli Old, Collector's Coin: 10 Agorot Pendent Necklace

This amazing old, collector's coin necklace features the 10 Agorot coin of IsraelCelebration P..


Israeli Pomegranate Old, Collector's Coin - 5 Agorot Pendant Necklace

An amazing old coin necklace with the five Agorot coin of IsraelAbundance An Israeli coin shows..


Guidance Israeli Coin with Antique Boat Sheqel Necklace

“Guidance” Simply Coined NecklaceGuidance On this Israeli coin we find a fancy antique..


Old Israeli 1 Sheqel Coin Pendant Necklace

QuestAn amazing old coin pendent with the1 Sheqel coin of Israel We're all searching for somet..


Old Israeli Telephone Token Coin Necklace

An amazing old coin necklace featuring the Telephone Token coin of Israel.Connection An old Isr..


Antique Roman coin Necklace Pendant

Handmade 925 silver antique Roman coin necklace pendant. This Judaic Romain coin dating from the 1st..


Israeli Half (1/2) Sheqel Coin Pendant Necklace

Courage A mighty lion roars--strong and ferocious! Powerfully he rules as King of the Forest. Thi..


Israeli Old, Collector's Coin: Half Pound Menorah Coin Necklace

This amazing old, collector's coin necklace features the half Pound coin of Israel with the Meno..


Wheel of Blessings - Bronze Medal

This beautiful medal conveys all the blessings that you wish for yourself and for those that you lov..


Bat Mitzvah Coin Medallion Medal Heirloom

JOY OF YOUTH – BAT MITZVAH State Medal, 2005 5765When a Jewish girl reaches the age of twelve..


Coin Medallion - IDF Israeli Army Units

In June 1948, during the War of Independence, the provisional government led by David Ben Gurion dec..


Hurva Synagogue Medal Gift

The Hurva Synagogue in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem was the central synagogue in ..


Israel City Collectors Medallions

Beautiful Medal depicting a city in Israel. The medals are made by Israeli artist Meir Eshel. What a..


The Sabbath - Bronze Medal

Consecrating one day of the week for rest was intended to uplift man to a more spiritual existence a..


The Western Wall - Bronze Medal

There are people with hearts of stone...and there are stones with human hearts". For every Jew, the ..