Welcome to our mezuzah store. Shop a  mezuzah case and scroll where everyday is a sale with the highest quality valued parchment mezuzah scroll. Our value is unmatched.  Every mezuzah scroll & case is delivered gift boxed with the prayer to hang correctly ideal as a gift giving idea for a new home or newly wed couple.
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Mezuzah Aluminum Matt finish

Mezuzah Aluminum Matt finish Size 12*01 cm..


Mezuzah Aluminum Silver Matt Finish

Mezuzah Aluminum Silver Matt Finish Size 15*01 cm..


Mezuzah Wood Oak 10cm

Mezuzah Wood Oak 10cm Size 10 x 02 cm..


Mezuzah Scroll Cases - Art Mezuzah Cases

Mezuzah Scroll Cases - Choose your preferred Mezuzah Scroll Case from our wonderful selection for ev..


Land of Israel Mezuzah Set

Set of seven wooden Mezuzas. Each mezuza depicts one of the seven species. Hand Painted in our Jerus..