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Turquoise Jerusalem Tallit Set


This tallit is decorated with a hand painted dupioni silk panel in the most beautiful shade of blue! The distinctive patterned panel is made from hand painted silk and is gold embroidered with a drawing of Jerusalem. The atarah is a light blue and made from chiffon . The atarah is available either printed or embroidered. This tallit measures 20" by 72".

Sometimes known as dupion or douppioni, silk dupioni is created with the threads from two different silk worms. When two worms spin their cocoons close together, the fibers get tangled up; these naturally tangled fibers are then used together to make the silk thread. The thread has more texture than regular silk.

Silk dupioni has an advantage over some other types of silks, in that it tends to resist wrinkles, which helps to enhance the usability of the finished fabric. In addition, silk dupioni also has a tendency to take creases very well, which can give the final product a crisp and formal appearance. As an added bonus, th

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