Chanukah Hologram Light Set, 10 Reflectors, 9' Cord, Gift Bx


10 Reflectors on a 9 foot power cord light up to create a very colorful Dreidel, Stars and Menorah Hologram set! Safe for both indoor and outdoor applications, this versatile light set is the ultimate in light up electric decorations!
Features: ~ Ideal Chanukah Decoration To Brighten Your Window, Doorways & Mirrors In Your Favorite Room!
Includes: ~ 10 Hologram Reflectors ~ 6 ft (2 m) of Decoration on 9ft (3 m) UL listed Light String ~ 1 Spare Fuse
~ USE 12 VOLT HOLIDAY BULBS ONLY. FOR 115-125V AC ONLY. ~ OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS: ~ 1. Always unplug light set before handling or replacing bulbs. ~ 2. To replace a bulb, unplug light set and remove 2 sided decorative reflector (dreidel/menorah/star). Gently grasp bulb by base and pull out of socket. NEVER TWIST BULB. Carefully push new bulb firmly into its socket and replace reflector.
Minimum Order Quantity : 3
Length: 108
Height: 3.25
Width: 0.75
Packaging: ACRYLIC
Quantity Discount Available at : 12 pieces.

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