Chanukah Candles, Honeycomb Bswax, Nat.Color, 45/Recycle Box


These fragrant and uniquely designed Natural Beeswax candles are individually wrapped to maintain freshness! The honeycomb design evokes the natural roots of this Eco friendly candle, carefully packaged with recycled components.
Features: Enjoy the honey-sweet aroma and natural purity of beeswax! Each honeycomb candle is hand-rolled and cellophane wrapped to preserve its natural aroma. ~ Sized to fit most menorahs (10 mm).
Includes: ~ 45 Beeswax Chanukah Candles
~ Trim wicks to 1/4". ~ Always use a non-flammable menorah on a non-flammable surface. ~ Placing lit candles near a draft or too close to each other may cause dripping.
Minimum Order Quantity : 6
Packaging: BOX
Length: 4.5
Height: 4.25
Width: 0.75
Packaging: RECYCLE
Quantity Discount Available at : 24 pieces.

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