Chanukah Memory Game, 54 Cards, Color Box


Don't forget to play Memory! The classic Memory game takes a turn for the better with Chanukah themed graphics that has kids of all ages playing for all 8 days! Custom artwork and quality construction ensures years of enjoyment.
Features: ~ Chanukah Fun For All Ages! ~ No Reading Required! ~ Match the most cards and win! ~ 1-6 Players ~ Ages 3+ ~ Ideal Chanukah Activity!
Includes: ~ 54 cards
~ How to play: Place cards face down in rows of 8 across and 9 down. Each player gets a turn to flip over any 2 cards. If the two cards match, the player keeps cards and gets another turn. If cards don't match, they are turned back over and the next player goes. Continue playing until all cards are matched up. The player with the most matches wins. Enjoy!
Minimum Order Quantity : 6
Packaging: BOX
Packaging: COLOR BOX-PEG
Quantity Discount Available at : 24 pieces.

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