Chanukah Suncatcher Kit, Assorted Designs, Carded


Chanukah is the Holiday of Lights, and this Sun catcher activity brings out a rainbow of Chanukah color glistening in gorgeous sunlight! Kit includes a Dreidel and a Menorah and all supplies needed to create an enchanting Sun catcher.
Features: ~ Ideal Chanukah Activity!
Includes: ~ 2 Chanukah Suncatchers ~ 2 Suction Cups ~ 1 Paintbrush ~ 6 Colors Translucent Paint
~1. Place suncatcher face down on flat surface. 2. Paint inside designated black outlines and allow to dry (approx. 1 hour). 3. Hang in window using suction cup.
Care: ~TO REMOVE PAINT: Wash from skin with soap and water. Some colors are not washable from some fabrics including cotton and nylon. For best results, wash clothing immediately in cold water separately as soon as possible. A second washing or pre-treatment may be necessary to remove marks. May not wash completely from materials and surfaces that cannot be laundered.
Minimum Order Quantity : 12
Packaging: BOX
Packaging: HEADER
Quantity Discount Available at : 24 pieces.

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