Aluminum Mezuzah cases 12cm in 20 Discounted Judaic Designs


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Aluminum Mezuzah 12cm-with Metal Matte Silver Shin

Our collection of aluminum mezuzah cases are practical mezuzah cases without the price tag. Packaged in quantities of 5 to 25 these bulk aluminum mezuzah cases on sale are fabulous value for home, office and institutions. Buy a package and use and give out to friends and family. At these prices you can't go wrong ! Mezuzah scrolls found here are sold seperately from the bulk aluminum mezuzah cases. Each of the mezuzah cases listed here are water proof and come with mounting two sided tape or mounting screws ready for posting your mezuzah on the doorpost.

These desginer bulk aluminum mezuzah cases are discounted and afford an excellent opportunity for fund raising ideas and donations to individuals and institutions.
Minimum order quantity is: 25. Use the "Choose" menu below to click each mezuzah case option for it's own picture size and details. Add to your cart the minimum by design.

Minimum order quantity is: 10

Aluminum Mezuzah 12cm-with Metal Matte Silver Shin

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