Ancient Coin - Widows Mite 104 BCE



 Alexander Jannaeus (104-76 BCE) was also known as Jonathan the High Priest.Jannaeus served as both High Priest and King, much to the chagrin of the Sanhedrin which demanded separation of the two. He married Salome Alexandra, the widow of his brother Aristobulus, and thus Rabbi Shimon ben Shetach, the well-known scholar, became his brother-in-law. Jannaeus ruled with a mighty hand and expanded the borders of the kingdom.  Archaeological evidence attests to his extensive reign throughout the country.
He was one of the Maccabean Kings who struck the first Jewish Coins, mainly small bronzes. One of the more common of his coins depicts an eight-rayed star in a diadem and  "King Jonathan" in ancient Hebrew script on one side and, on the other, an inverted anchor.

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