Ancient Judaic Coin Bracelets - Widows Mite Widows Mite

Ancient Judaic Coin Bracelets - Widows Mite

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Style: Widows Mite

Widows Mite
Widows Mite
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Ancient Judaic Coin Bracelets - Widows Mite

Ancient Judaic Coin Bracelets. Gorgeous silver bradied bracelet with a specially beautiful sturdy frame to showcase your ancient coin a piece of real history. We can arrange your ancient judaica coin of choice in this beautiful bracelet. Shown is the popular Widows Mite.

Denomination:  Bronze Prutah                                                       
Date:  103 – 76 BC
Description:  Star and Inverted Ancho
Obverse:  Anchor with Greek inscription (Alexander the King).
Reverse:  Star of eight rays, Yehonatan the King written in Hebrew between the rays.

The Widow’s Mite was minted in the holy land over 2000 years ago during the reign of King Alexander Jannaeus in the century preceding the birth of Jesus. What makes these coins of great historical and religious importance is that twice in the bible, Jesus is quoted telling the story of the poor widow who gave all that she had which was just two mites.     

These coins are an actual part of the historical record - a unique, ancient artifact that was handled and used in the market stalls by villagers, desert traders, holy men and Roman soldiers alike in everyday transactions.

Ancient Judaic Coin Bracelets - Widows Mite

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Widows Mite